Our design/build services that we provide reduce your costs and project completion schedule. We know what it takes to get the job done right the first time, and our experience with local, state, and federal government allows us to clear the permitting hurdles that can often delay projects. Our design and construction team works together to develop a project that meets our customers' needs and expectations, as well as building requirements and standards. We deliver buildings and commercial structures that exceed quality expectations at a lower cost.

We Do It All

Picciola Construction has provided design/build services for a variety of commercial construction projects, including office buildings, restaurants, industrial facilities, warehouses, medical facilities, retail locations, and public buildings

Advantages of our Design/Build Services

  • Shorter Project Schedules - Our design and construction team collaborates throughout the project process, elimination downtime and producing consistent work flow. 
  • Cost Effective - Our integrated team focuses on efficiency and innovation. 
  • Better Quality - We strive to fulfill the performance needs of our clients, not just minimum design standards, and deliver projects that exceed expectations. 
  • One-Point of Contact & Responsibility - Communication with us is easy, with one point of contact for questions and one company responsible for cost, schedule, and quality. 
  • Reduced Paperwork - You can focus on your business, and not navigating multiple contracts or supervising the work of multiple contractors. 
  • Reduced Risk to Owner - No warranty gaps and design/build team assumes risk during design and construction process.

One Integrated Team. One Professional Contract.